Should You Insulate Your Attic?

You should insulate your attic when you are having trouble with your heating and air conditioning.  This article explains how your attic may be telling you that it’s time to insulate, and looks at what will happen when the insulation has been completed.
#1: You Are Spending More On Heating And Cooling
If you do not have insulation in your attic heating and cooling costs in your home will begin to rise. The air will make its way through the vent in your roof, and you will  lose the air that you pay to heat and cool your home.
#2: A Draft In The House

You may feel a draft in the house; this is created by wind blowing in through your attic. Insulation will stop the breeze from making its way into the house, and you will notice that the house feels less cool because the wind is not allowed to rush up and down each hallway.

#3: The Ceiling Below The Attic Feels Hot Or Cool

You may feel the ceiling on the top floor of your home is consistently quite cold or hot, because the attic is allowing the ceiling to take on an extreme temperature. The temperature of the upper floors of the house will remain extreme until you have added insulation to the attic. When you have the attic insulated properly you will find that the upper floors of the house will feel different almost instantly.

#4: The Insulation Protects Your Attic Rafters

The insulation you put in your attic will protect the ceiling boards, and rafters by covering them in something protective. You will find that the attic is in far better condition because you have insulation installed.

You will benefit from insulation in your attic. Not only will you see your power bills going down, your upper floors will feel much better!