Rich Roofing takes pride in offering Conklin Restoration Coatings!

We know that as a business owner having to replace your roof is a nightmare scenario. Not only is it extremely expensive, but tearing off your roof can result in lost operating time and inconvenience for you and your employees.

If your roof is leaking, gathering standing water, or facing other issues don’t lose hope. Call Rich Roofing and let us restore your commercial roof with the Conklin Roofing Systems Restoration System! 

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Some Problems Rich Roofing can fix with Conklin Restoration Coatings include:

Leaking Seams: Seams are a week point in rubber roofs. With age, the overlap between the rolls used on your roof can weaken and allow water to seep in, ruining your roof. Seams between the pieces in metal roofs are also prone to leaking over time.

Drainage Issues: Poor roof drainage can be identified by pools of standing water or algae growth.

Membrane Damage: Over time and with exposure to the elements, the chemical components of TPO rubber roofs can break down. This can lead to cracks forming in the membrane that allow water to penetrate and damage your roof.

Damaged Fasteners: A common flaw in metal roof construction is rusting fasteners. This can happen when the coating on these components wears off with time, allowing the elements to damage them.

Membrane Expansion and Contraction: EPDM roof membranes expand and contract with changing weather, eventually causing tears in the protective surface around the edges.

The Process

Our team of roof restoration specialists will start by pressure washing your roof to prepare the surface and remove any debris, then we’ll apply a base coating to the entire roof. The next step is covering and applying coating to roofing seams to stop any leaks and repair damage. Finally we’ll apply an Elastomeric coating across the entire roof to seal the roof and level off any areas that may collect water.

Benefits of Restoring your Roof with Rich Roofing

  • Save approximately half as much as re-roofing.
  • The process is usually completed in under a week.
  • 18 year warranty on your restored roof.
  • The coating leaves an energy efficient white finish
  • Conklin restoration coatings are environmentally friendly!
  • 100% tax deductible in the year it was installed