Leaf Guard

So what exactly is Leaf Guard you ask and why are we such huge proponents of it?

Leaf gutter guards were  designed to make life easier for homeowners  plain and simple, helping them avoid the continuous chore of gutter cleaning. Once installed onto an existing gutter, homeowners don’t have to worry about annoying leaf and debris build-up.

By keeping gutters clog-free, a leaf guard can help prevent roof, structural, and foundation issues, which can be both annoying and costly in the long scheme of things. At Rich Roofing, our team of roofing technicians has the knowledge and expertise to guarantee nothing but water will get into your gutters.

Also, at Rich Roofing we’re proud to offer UPFRONT PRICING. It means you know what your paying without no hidden surprises after the job’s completed.

Advantages of Using a Leaf Guard System

  • prevents clogs from forming;
  • keeps water flowing freely;
  • eliminates leaks and the threat of water damage; and
  • makes climbing ladders to clean gutters unnecessary.

A gutter with a leaf guard eliminates the some of the simple problems homeowners have to worry about it.

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