Rubber Roofing Systems

EPDM Rubber

EPDM Rubber Roofing Systems combine the superior weather resistance and fatigue properties of EPDM membranes with the proven performance of QuickSeam Tape splicing techniques for a commercial roofing system with outstanding performance and cost benefits.

To stay on top in today’s roofing market takes a combination of great products that can be installed quickly and economically. Each Rubber Roofing System consists of proven technology in roofing membranes, seaming techniques, and installation methods.

In new construction or reroofing applications, Rubber Roofing Systems are the right choice for your application.

Mechanically Attached Roofing Systems are an economical installation method where the conditions suit the application. There are two methods of mechanically attaching Roofing Systems. One method incorporates large EPDM panels with metal batten bars placed on top of the EPDM membrane to secure it to an approved substrate. QuickSeam Batten Covers are then installed over the exposed batten bars and the adjoining sheets are spliced using the QuickSeam Tape System.

The second method for mechanical attachment is the Batten-In-The-Seam (BITS) System. The BITS system utilizes narrower width EPDM (non-reinforced or reinforced) panels with batten bars centered in the membrane seam. Adjoining panels are overlapped to cover the batten bars and sealed with 7″ (178mm) QuickSeam Tape.

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